About 'Our Very First Collection 1'

It has been nearly 3 months since we have established Jukebox Vinyl and over the last quarter we have received tremendous support and feedback from all of you. We are thrilled and grateful and shall continue bringing you the best collections of Art Toys to you.


As most of you know, Jukebox Vinyl tells the stories behind toys through our love of the nostalgia of classic Jukebox and the versatile Designer Toys world.


In order to honor that, we would like to introduce you to 'Our Very First Collection 1', featuring the art-toys from MonsterMind Production, Obazone, SpookyworkHK and Micbraining. These locally-based and talented artists collaborated with us to bring you something different and fun.

Why do we make it like a vinyl record.....? Because we are a Jukebox! :D

The concept of this project is to bring you the in depth stories behind these designers and their toys. 


In the next few weeks we are going to feature their products, which can be adventurous, creepy, cute and historic. Hope you enjoy 'listening' to the 'vinyl record' through our Jukebox. :)

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