Designer interview - Micbraining

Micbraining, artist who product designer toy which called Nyan

Micbraining has been working as a multimedia designer for over a decade. With his love and creativity in toys, Micbraining has participated in various toy customisation events since he was a teen and eventually created his own brand in 2017. Other than a painter and designer, Micbraining also has his sophisticated side with interests in philosophy, mysticism and occultism.

Nyan and micbrainingNyan and micbraining

Micbraining’s art and concept is often filled with the scent of the New Age, coupled with atro elements. This can be seen in his first character, Nyan, which means intellect and wisdom in Burmese. Inspired by buddhism and astrology, Micbraining stresses Nyan’s capability to meditate and listen to the sound in the galaxy in order to drive galactical peacefulness.

Nyan and Micbraining

Nyan and Micbraining

Micbraining’s belief in Eastern philosophy such as Taoism and Buddhism, as well as his interest in Wester New Age movement has no doubt contributed to the creation of Nyan the Space Traveller.

(Super Nova Nyan, special edition for Jukebox Vinyl: 'Our Very First Collection 1')

As an art-toy designer, Micbraining is able to materialize the intangible concept of philosophy by combining it with toys. This ain’t common and that is exactly why we would love to tell you the stories of Micbraining!

(Check out Micbraining's other works below!)

Mechanoiz and Micbraning

(5-off Norakarn painted by Micbraining, produced by Mechanoiz Toys)


(Some other graphic designs by Micbraining)

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