Designer Interview - MonsterMind

It is difficult to tell MonsterMind’s specialism when the person is at the same time a sculptor, a graphic designer, a painter and a producer. This multi-talented artist has been involved in different types of assignments, such as collaboration with other artists, sculpting and producing original art-toys, as well as designing posters etc. Having said that, though not easy, we would like to take this chance to give you a summary of MonsterMind’s concepts, ideas and productions behind the scenes.


100% originated from Hong Kong, MonsterMind has been influenced by Japanese culture including but not limited to animations, mangas and history.

Devil man art toy & designer toy

Prior to the establishment of his brand, MonsterMind has accumulated over 10 years of experiences in vinyl manufacturing and eventually equipped himself with sound knowledge in supply chain, quality control across the vinyl toys industry.

In early 2018, MonsterMind decided to take his hobby forward in art-toy creation, which eventually marked the beginning of the his new venture. Due to his exposure when he was young, MonsterMind created different characters based on Japanese history and folklore, such as Yokai (japanese ghosts), Mascots, Bushido (the Samurai’s way) etc. 

MonsterMind’s signature product is the Real EYEron Head, which blends the traditional Bushido and historical Yokai elements together. Under the helmet of Real EYEron Head reveals the Daruma sculpt, which is a sign of good will in Japanese tradition. 

Other than the iconic Daruma and Samurai, MonsterMind has also introduced the Geisha, which helped bring in feminism into the series. The curves and smoothness of the Geisha figure requires great control during the manufacturing process, which is something MonsterMind can get hold of.

With so many expertise, MonsterMind continues to be an innovative and creative brand. Through MonsterMind, we have witnessed the consistent development in new art-toys and prototypes. We also appreciate the collaboration that he has brought and installed into the art-toy group in Hong Kong. With so much persistence, many more projects are on their way so please stay tuned!

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