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spookyworkhk art toy & designer toy collection including baby zero, 屍Zero and choi jai

SpookyworkHK’s inspiration was drawn from the good old days in Hong Kong, when television programs, after-school cartoons and radio broadcasts were the main source of entertainments. Hong Kong film industry had no doubt reached its peak during the 1980s and 1990s, with different elements that surprised the audience non-stop. This was also the time where horror movies and cult movies were bred.

SpookyworkHK often spent his time enjoying these movies during weekends when he was young. With the love and interest in toys, as well as the impact from Art Toy gurus like Michael Lau back in 90s, all of these fused together and granted SpookyworkHK a dream, a dream that came true in 2018.

Choi Jai is spookyworkhk first designer vinyl toy

Embarking in a new journey is always mixed with feelings of excitement and anxiety. SpookyworkHK utilised its graphic design background and produced his first character, Choi Jai, which resembles a Chinese style coffin. ‘It was a bold move, yet Coffin means promotion of wealth in our culture, and we really want to create something that represents the local culture and be different for once’, said the artist. 

It was not easy for the public to acknowledge a 'coffin-like’ art-toy at first. Yet hard-work always pays off and it was their second character, Zero, that heated up their brand. With a potent position of jumping-scare, Zero (based on the inspiration of Jiang Shi, the Chinese vampier) the hopping vampire is a combination of creepiness and cuteness.


Moving onward was the creation of the Garlic Twins, which are the biggest rival of vampires and matches well with the coffin as well. SpookyworkHK’s most recent character is Baby Zero, which is intended to be a mini version of Zero originally. ‘We hope everyone gets to own one, and bring them around for photo-shooting given it is rather portable’,  said SpookyworkHK.

As an independent production house, we look forward to many more original characters developed by SpookyworkHK and we just can’t stop to fall in love with all these creepy little creatures!

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