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Crayfish can be a pet

Crayfish can lead to ecosystem destruction

Crayfish can be food

These creatures can also be known as crawfish, freshwater lobsters or mudbugs. Like most of the aquatic creatures, they breathe through gills.and can be found in brooks and streams as well as swamps or ditches

For Obazone, crayfish means way more than that. It ain’t only an aquatic creature or pet, but is also the core of the brand. We were thrilled when we got invited to Obazone’s studio. Located in the urban district of Kwun Tong, Obazone’s studio offers a neat and wide common space for gathering. On the side of the studio are over 100 water tanks occupied by Obazone’s favourite crayfish. It was difficult for us to visualise the existence of the ‘wall’ of living crayfishes AND different designer toys until we witnessed it in the studio. It was simply surprising and satisfying.


Being impacted by Japanese Sci-Fi and pop culture, like most of the teens, Obazone has developed a strong interest in mecha robots like Gundam, as well as other Japanese comical figures. Obazone has also experienced the first wave of the Art-Toy boom originated in Hong Kong back in the 1990s. 

Apart from this background, being a pet-shop owner (in crayfish) and graphic designer at the same time has also contributed to the creation of Obazone’s first character, Oba the Crayfish Overlord. The Overlord is a robot that is occupied by O-lien (which is a common parasite found in crayfishes), to invade the world.

Over 15 parts are needed in order to achieve the iconic defense position of crayfish,” said the artist. We do agree that assembling this gigantic creature is no doubt a complex procedure.

Omeow is another character that comes after the Overlord. As an animal lover, Obazone has introduced his pet-cat Momo into his toy career. Omeow is the incarnation of Crayfish X Cat! Compared to the Crayfish Overlord, Omeow appears to be smaller, less fierce with a furry texture on it.

(Obazone's cat, Momo, and Omeow)

We hope all of the above tells you the stories of Obazone and we simply want to share the astonishment we had when we witness how crayfish can mesh with toys!

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