Who is Hatsutorin_Design ?


Shinji & Toshie@ Hatsutorin_Design:

Who are Hatustorin_Design?

Originated from Japan, Nagano, Toshie and Shinji have created the brand in joint effort. 

Art toy in japan are called sofubi and designer toys

The logo represents the hands of the artists, where they are not tied down by anyone and amazing art-work shall be continuously created and delivered to their fans.

As the main illustrator of the crew, Toshie graduated from art-school and has always been interested in drawing pictures. It was a typical day of work until Toshie was diagnosed with a serious illness, where she reckoned it was time to make a change from the dull and routine office job. Life is simply too-short and we should enjoy it with no regrets.

With a leap of faith, these two fellows decided to form Hatsutorin in Aug 2016.

With various trials and errors, Funn Funn was the very first and original character designed by Hatsutorin.

art toy & designer toy

Funn Funn is a race of aliens that have consistently explored and discovered planets where they can settle in, as their homeland was troubled by population overgrowth.

As much as how cute they are (yes they look like penguins!), Funn Funn possess special powers and advance technology that cannot be matched by their cuddly appearance!

Hatustorin uses both rexin and sofubi to create their art-toys. There are always plans of for new characters and new inhabitants will be released next year! So stay tuned! 


Something about art and toys:

As a toy-artist based in Japan, there are different references and inspirations for Hatsutorin concepts. It ain’t difficult to recognise the Japanese Pop Culture, Surrealism and Sci-Fi elements found in Funn Funn. Nonetheless, it is also the rich natural landscape of Nagano that continuously inspires Hatsutorin.


Hatsutorin believes we are fortunate to have art-toys to appreciate, where they are easily accessible (most of the time hopefully) yet still contain stories and substances in it.



About the future:

What do you think the future of art-toys holds, particularly from the Japan perspective?

Hatsutorin is now four years old and they felt that art-toy is still a relatively minor culture in Japan. Though there are art events that brings the people and talents together, yet it was not easy to find a pure sofubi-centric or art-toy dedicated event.


And this is exactly why Jukebox Vinyl would like to be the bridge to connect international and local audiences to find out the stories behind the toys!

Hatutorin is looking to publish a series of illustrations and comics for Funn Funn. New characters will also be released in the form of Sofubi!

“Hyururi and the Strange Plant” will be on sale soon!

Fast forward to next 5 years, Hatsutorin wants to connect with people that share the same goal across the globe. Regardless of who they are, it is simply fun to go beyond the scope of independent activities and start to collaborate with different parties.

There will be more participation in international events for sure!

You only live once, might as well have fun!- Hatsutorin

We thank Hatsutorin for taking their time to walk us through their stories and background. In Jukebox Vinyl we are telling you the #storiesbehindthetoys and look forward to bringing you more talented toy-artists!

Check out 3-off special version of Funn Funn (Hatsutorin_design x Jukebox Vinyl first collaboration)


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