About us

What is a jukebox?

A jukebox plays songs derived from a collection of music held within the unit itself. This music can be stored in various formats and iconically the vinyl records. 

In a classic setting, you will run into a jukebox in a bar and start to flicker the vinyl records until you locate your favorite music. 

Why are we here?

We enjoy every vintage part of a jukebox as much as we enjoy toy hunting. Through exploration we find out more about the stories of each art-toy. 

We look forward to the clash of oriental and western ideas and would like to introduce different kinds of art toys and designer toys that are stored in Jukebox Vinyl to you. 

Despite the simple description of how Jukebox Vinyl works, it is the ideas behind the scenes that really captivates the imagination. 

What do we do?

Based in Hong Kong, we explore and connect with different local and Asia based toy designers.

We want to be more than a shopping shelf by connecting with people, brainstorming ideas and ultimately telling you about their stories behind. We want to bring the East to the West and vice versa, as art-toy deserves more attention among the crowd. 

The chemistry between Art and Toy is unpredictable and sky is the limit. We would like to continue to share the outcome with all of you.


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